Golden Flow-97.jpg

Art on the Mountain

art & sound in the mountain range

The artist group butter & gold placed and staged virtual

and analog artpieces in the mountains.

An artificial game with tradition and modernity,

nature and artificiality.

Golden Flow-82.jpg

The FLYING art gallery
on the GOLDECK mountain

Contemporary art packed in QR codes

During the gondola ride up to the peak of the mountain,

surrounded by alpine meadows and mountain ridges,

you can call up the virtual works of art using the gold colored

QR-codes in each gondola.

QR-Code Showroom 2.jpg
butter&gold world-9.jpg

The Mountian Postoffice

Poetry & literature on the mountain

When ryhthmical tap noises echo over the mountains,

the open air post office is open.

Here the wandering people can write and send

mountain wisdom and own thoughts

on designed post cards in limited edition.

and postage free all over the world!

Echo Raum 13_edited_edited.jpg

The 17 Showrooms

Contemporary art & performance on the mountain

Equipped with golden thread, Animal masks, stethoscope, typewriter and

dazzling costumes,

Gridchen Pliessnig, Martin Schinagl

and Monika Peitler approach

the mountains.

It wipes and hisses, buzzes and sounds.